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“Wounded Warrior Project”

An absolute success!!!!!!!

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I would like to thank everyone who took part in our support Event. We had approximately 300 people throughout the day and we exceeded our goal in raising funds. If you go to our home page and Click on the Wounded Warrior Project in the top right corner, you can enjoy the slide shows.

I would especially like to thank Sensei G for being an integral part of our organization and a wonderful support system for all of our undertakings.They were a great team! Our entire lineup of Black Belts made this day a great success and each and everyone completed their roll in an exemplar fashion. To the families that have supported us over the years. I want you to know how appreciated you are. I believe that everyone of your children understands the positive impact they had on all the veterans that were present and those who were not but will benefit from their contributions, commitment and hard work. To all of our sponsors and those who donated, we thank you for your wonderful contributions. Thank you all!

Sensei Dayton Guinee

Italy October 2010

For Pictures and Sideshows look at Italy 2010

Italy 2010 was an exceptional trip in all ways. From a training standpoint I must say that we saw strength and excellence in each group. I want to thank Sensei Marco Buschini for his continued support and excellent organizational skills. He has been a leader in our American Heritage Goju organization for many years. His training with Benetton, the Police and his Krav Maga Association was outstanding. Many thanks to Maestro Alberto Gamba whose dojo is now a member of our organization. My deep appreciation to Maestro Graziano Masiero for inviting us into his Dojo. Thank you Laura Buschini for your interpretation, support and for being a wonderful friend. Thanks to Terrell Stone(Tora Dojo)for his ongoing support and being a vital liaison and interpreter, and to his family for providing us with an unforgettable live concert in an historical theater which Terrell played a magnificent traditional instrument. Thank you Sensei Lonnie Guinee for assisting me in all my work and working so hard in all aspects of our organization. Thank you all for all the great food and conversation. My Best to you and your families always!

Sensei Dayton Guinee

Il viaggio in Italia 2010 è stato eccezionale sotto molti punti di vista. Per quanto riguarda l’allenamento devo dire che ho visto forza ed eccellenza in ogni gruppo. Vorrei ringraziare Sensei Marco Buschini per il suo continuo supporto e per le sue eccellenti capacità organizzative. E’ un leader nella nostra organizzazione American Heritage Goju da molti anni. Il suo addestramento del gruppo security di Benetton, di vari operatori di Polizia e la sua SIKM, Scuola Italiana di Krav Maga, sono sorprendenti. Molte grazie al Maestro Alberto Gamba, il cui Dojo è ora membro della nostra organizzazione. Ho apprezzato molto il Maestro Graziano Masiero per averci invitati nel suo Dojo. Grazie a Laura Bertucci Buschini per le traduzioni, il supporto e per essere una splendida amica. Grazie a Terrell Stone (Tora Dojo) per il suo continuo supporto come tramite ed interprete, e alla sua famiglia che ci ha regalato un indimenticabile concerto in un teatro storico in cui Terrel ha suonato un meraviglioso strumento medievale. Grazie a Sensei Lonnie Guinee per avermi assistito in tutto questo mio lavoro e per aver lavorato moltissimo per tutti gli aspetti dell’organizzazione. Grazie a tutti per l’ottimo cibo e conversazione. I miei migliori auguri a voi e alle vostre famiglie.

Sensei Dayton Guinee

Italy November 2009 Click Here

The trip to Italy was better than expected. I conducted seminars in three Dojo’s with the assistance from Sensei Lonnie Guinee and I had the opportunity to work with the police and a security force at a large corporation thanks to Sensei Marco Buschini. I want to give a special thanks to Sensei Graziano Masiero and Sensei Buschini for organizing these events. Special thanks to BrnBlt Terrell Stone of the Tora Dojo and Sensei Andrea Visentin of Goju Do Moderno for being our mediators and my personal interpreters and assistants. Many thanks to Laura Buschini for always being there to help me whenever I need an interpreter or translator . My gratitude to Maestro Alberto Gamba and Maestro Masiero of USA Goju for welcoming me into their Dojo’s and also to Maestro Giuseppe Di Garbo of Goju Do Moderno. Thank you for all the great food and all your gifts. Sensei Lonnie Guinee and I can’t really tell you how important this trip was to us. All of the students from the lower belts to the highest Dan’s were all inspirational to me and I hope that this will be a new beginning to our association and continuing growth. I have so much information to share with the people that visit our web site and know that this will create excitement for all. Let’s work hard to preserve our Heritage and keep our system as strong, positive and professional as it has always been.

Sensei Dayton Guinee
American Heritage Goju Karate-Do
USA GOJU Honbu Dojo INT.

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