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Kata and its History
Wall Posters from Sensei Urban’s Dojo

Another nice share! We went from approx. 32 Katas down to 10 as you can see, down to 5 if you read Newsletter on Sensei’s Information Board 2/20/2016.We went down to 3 (Three) at one point, each time focusing on better fighting skills and ways to keep yourself and your loved ones “Safe” in everyday coming and going. I will look through the records to see the date we went down to 3 (Three) and publish this information for you to see. Sensei did keep a new list of Katas in place in the nineties and beyond for those who wanted Kata in their training.
The extension and progression of USA GOJU training is the IDSS community where these values and principles of empowering people to stay safe through our training are stressed in every class.
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The Training Oath

The Training Oath was something that was used throughout many systems and was said out of the Zen position at the conclusion of every class. These were the two that were used by Sensei Urban. The latter of the two numbering 10 was used in from the 1970s forward. It always had to do with Encouragement and Character!!! It has since been dropped by most because the greatest number of trainees today are children! The first two excerpts are from the Yellow Cover “The Karate Dojo”.

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Sensei Urban’s Return

This letter is from Sensei Urban’s return from his stay in Italy. I have great letters from his stay and his work while there and hope to get them on soon.

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Flow Charts(c)

Happy to share this with you all!!! These charts hung on the walls of Sensei Urban’s Dojo as far back as Crosby St and were given to me by Sensei Urban. We still use these flow charts today with a bit of modification. Sensei was a very serious man when it came to training and being qualified. Make no mistake; his training was intense as he was as well. He could and would make you laugh through some painful but gratifying training! The biggest difference in our training since the 80’s is that we train in the science as apposed to just the art form! Weapons training focus also changed radically from old time weapons to the Knife, Gun and whatever weapon was available for survival. Eye gouging stumping the instep, kicking the groin and biting were and are an every day lesson in the training hall. Our reason for existence was to have people aware of the dangers that exist and give them an opportunity to react and counter these threats with extreme measures in order to get to safety. Hope you enjoy the charts. Thank you.

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Just another part of our history. I don’t judge, I just record the facts! (c)
This is the type of behavior Sensei Talked about. Some of his long time on and off members decided to “TAKE” USAGA, the G-PATCH and Urban GoJulandia and have the trademarked in 2006 in their name after Sensei Urban’s Passing. These were all for the membership to have forever and not for someone to take, ever. If they were ever trademarked, it should have been in Julia Urban’s name only. They saw a chance to create revenue for themselves. In fact, They already had a name for their new association and had it trademarked. They didn’t need to trademark these other names. What other reason would there be other than them wanting you all to pay to use them!!! Quite cute as Sensei used to say.
Not to worry, I have all of the documents from the “USA Patent and Trademark Office” site.

Below is an excerpt out of “USA GOJU ACCORDING TO URBAN” Published on this page  5/29/2015. 
Anyone with the money-power to do so may put and or say anything they want to on the internet with no consequences. For example, Gianni Rossato of Goju Italia outright plagiarized my “Karate Dojo” with no regard to copyright infringements from the Tuttle Company just look at the Internet and you will see for yourself! In Italy, one can do anything like that and fool most of the world’s people most of the time for as long as they don’t care about looking foolish.


These two top patches were created for the newest generation of the 90’s who were made up of Black Belts from other Sensei in other systems including USA GOJU. Most of the old original dojo’s kept our original USA GOJU Patch (bottom patch).
Think positive and keep training!!!

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“The Career-Senseis’ Oath” (c)

This Document below was created by Sensei Urban for all of the Career Sensei’s to sign. It was for his last group of guys and girls that were actually with his organization in the 90’s to his passing.
This next excerpt is taken from a letter “USA GOJU ACCORDING TO URBAN” written by Sensei Urban!
There are no Superman Messiahs in anything. That’s what the phrase “In The Dance” means when describing the diseases known. as “Black Belt Fever” or ‘”Pompous-Ass” behavior syndromes on any and all levels of martial societies.
This is one of the reasons “The Career-Senseis’ Oath” was created!!!



Web Page Directives (c)

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The pages above show some of the directives given me by Sensei Urban. He was always very clear with what he wanted to accomplish without modifications. This is how our working relationship worked. Everything crystal clear for all. The material on the page was to inspire and encourage all do work for a common goal of excellence.

Book Excerpts (c)

The following excerpts are from pages of Sensei Urban’s 1964 draft of the Karate Dojo.
He listed “The Thirty Items Of Karate Training:”
Pg #76_1_WM In this Item #28 you can see how diverse the Training was. As the years went on he would streamline the training and narrow it down to its’ most effective and simplistic form. You have to think Practical/Tactical. That was always his thought in teaching. The thought then was last to start, first to finish. That changed also, “do something useful” (communications) “don’t get hurt” (avoidance) “finish if you must and it is just”!!!   Preemptive striking is accepted in the right situation if you think your life is in danger! Sensei’s advice was called the “Three Rules of the Road”, which is, “ Avoid a collision”, “ Avoid a collision”, “ Avoid a collision”.
By the way, he felt that for all aspects of life!!!

Pg #77 _1_WM

Item #29 is self explanatory in that all of Sensei Urban’s classes were fight oriented. Perhaps not back then but certainly from the 70’s and forward. He believed in all aspects of sparring and that they all had an importance in your being able to learn how to be the best fighter you could be. In just about all of his training, he did things slow first for proper technique always increasing your speed to high performance level. Injuries were commonplace but hurting someone in the Dojo was unacceptable behavior and Sensei didn’t pull any punches so to speak in correcting that sort of behavior.
In our Hombu Dojo today it is still the same although we train more for the street and competitive sparring is rarely used. We chose some years ago to focus on keeping individuals and families prepared for the unsafe conditions of today’s world. Yesss, “Today, Is Now”

Pg #77_2_WM


item #30 Meditation and Relaxation with visualization has always been a part of our training, as you will see in lots of photos on our site. It is good for all ages and has a multitude of benefits.You have to have the ability to walk people through the steps of both Meditation and Relaxation.

Our training now is very progressive in every way and will remain always changing with the times. The pages in this book reflect the multitude of educational material in fitness, technique and the commitment to ones self for a healthy life.

Sensei Urban’s mission was to have USA GOJU always be progressive and to move forward forever, and that is exactly what the plan and mission is now!!!


Newsletter (c)

In this news letter Sensei Urban talks about organization and who the dues payers are. This is consistent in all of his news letters. He speaks about having the organization staying strong and organized as far as labeling is concerned so everyone has the correct insignias for representation. He also speaks about our established group here in the USA and in Italy. If you look at his list of members it shows all who are dues paying members. Lots of his members did not pay dues as they should but it did not stop them from wearing our uniform or insignias. That would go on for his entire career. In fact more people wear it now even though they stopped paying dues years ago. As we go on, you will see that Sensei was blind sided by who everyone thought was one of his most loyal students. This is not to show anything negative or positive, but to tell the truth about our history. However, what took place going forward was wrong by many. If you look at the organization today you will see people struggling with who was or is the leader of USA GOJU. Isn’t it strange that none of these individuals will be found on most all of Sensei Urban’s membership lists. They may show you a certificate but you won’t see their name as I said on any of his membership lists.

IMG_20160320_0003   IMG_Jan 4_1979_Pg#2-1

Newsletter (c)

The Dojo listed in this News Letter was the Dojo that followed the William Street Dojo. For photos of the Dojo and some of its members, please look at the Gallery 1970s.

The Kata and Technique listed was to standardize all of the dojos in the organization. It did not limit the individual dojo as to what their complete program might be. Sensei Urban wanted everyone to run their own dojo and have their own personal influence as a leader. He believed that was what leadership was all about.
USA GOJU was Eclectic!” How could it not be knowing his background of being taught by three great masters of the trade as he was. He taught everything from punching and kicking to sweeps, the GOJU GRAB, takedowns and falls, chokes, wrist and arm locks and his famous Aiki Jitsu along with weaponry. A lot of the membership disagreed and as you will see going forward, moved on in a different direction but held on to his name and his fame for their justification. His name was, is and will continue to be famous for many years to come.

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