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2018 September, 12

Photos taken from the 22nd St Dojo.
The first = implicit action (implicit=with no qualification or question; ABSOLUTE) which was hung on the perimeter of the dojo floor. Sensei always spoke about having total faith in your technique and training when defending yourself, friends and or loved ones!
The second is one of the information walls that told a great story about the dojo and your training! Your bulletin board!
The third is what Sensei called “the accuracy wall” where you would throw technique at the four sectors that the body was broken into. A, B, C and D sectors.
The forth photo is a very interesting training device made by Sensei Urban from an old swing set. The heavy bag had about Eight coats of paint on it. Hit it wrong or just a bit off and you loose your flesh!!! It hurt anyway and was designed for that purpose!!! The bag was to hit from the waist up. As you can see on the Bag, the sectors were always broken down the same for simplistic reasons!!! The tires you see were for kicking from below the waist, or D-Sector.

The 6th 5 SOP #26 thru #30 from the 1964 version of the “KARATE DOJO”
Very interesting and in depth. If you don’t think Sensei was focused on the Martial Science as well at that point, re-read #28, #29 and #30. What a great way to end the
“30 SOP of the TRINING”!!!

2018 September, 3

First, the Conclusion page of Sensei Urban’s Karate Dojo pre published 1964 version! Very interesting readings. We have come a long way and Martial artists of today cross their training with most all of the arts. It was that way for Sensei Urban back then because of his training with three Greats, Yamaguchi, Oyama and Kim all at the same time. What a special way to have been brought into the arts and what a broad sense of knowledge to be captured!

As you scroll down you will see the 5th 5 of #30 of the education. 21 thru 25!
Remember to click on each item to make it large to read!

2018 August, 25

SOP For “THE THIRTY ITEMS OF KARATE TRAINING’ , but First, the recommended Movies and Books by Sensei Urban in 1964. This again shows you his open mindedness to all of the arts and styles. He always knew that each style and system of training was very important and valid. That’s why he combined all of them in his system!!! He did not want any one under his training to think that there were limits to how much you could learn or achieve!!! The quote “Nothing is impossible” was part of that learning thought process!

If you are at all interested in SELF DEFENSE and keeping people safe, you best believe in this mindset!!!!!!!!!

Th second part of this education is the 4th 5 of #30. 16 thru 20!

As always, click on the picture or writings to make them large enough to read!

2018 August, 18

The next 5 SOP = #11 thru #15  of #30. The next pages show the appreciation Sensei Urban had for ALL of the Martial Arts Systems and Styes.  He was very friendly with them and had a mutual respect for all of us being colleagues and not competitors and openly showed this by entering them into his book!
Unfortunately this way of thinking got away from us as time passed. It was just not part of the teachings of others and got lost. So we are where we are today because of it. You have to be grounded, know who you are, be non prejudice and be able to control your ego to be able to articulate the “True Meaning of the Way”. Today in many respects Martial Arts Training is merely technique!!! There is no superior style! However, there are superior practitioners and that changes by the day!!! Remember, the clock never stops ticking, so people pass as new people arrive on a consistent basis!!! What a great Association we’ve had over the years and now it has almost completely passed. We should take advantage of what remains and be proud to still be a part of it.

I ” Hope” you enjoy the material that has been posted so far and with more great material to come!
Think and teach “Peaceful Resolutions to Conflict”, and also the right to fight when you are right!!!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

2018 August, 8

The next 5 SOP =#6 thru #10 of the #30. Remember this is the 1964! The “self defense” we use in the dojo today as well as the creation of IDSS that encompasses all of the arts! is the direct link from our training but has been reconfigured for TODAYS USE!!! I also added a portion of the named membership from that time. Read the names. You may recognize some of these names that are most important to our Family. You may also not see some of the names of those today that hurt our Family name after Sensei Urban’s Passing. It is just our history, nothing more or nothing less!!! As you read through you will see how in depth Sensei Urban’s Training was. He too used all of the arts to make up USA GOJU!!! Just click on each page below to make it large!

2018 August, 5

The following readings are a list of SOP that was used at one point in time as a guideline for Sensei Urban’s teachings. I will give it in portions but in numerical order.
Hope you enjoy the writings!

One Thru Five of Thirty Items of the Training!

2018 April, 7

2018 March 23
From “Today Is Now”

2018 March 16
Taken from the first “KARATE DOJO” Circa 1960 before it was published in 1967.
Chapter 1
Sensei did change his mindset about the science in the later years if you read his writings.

2018 March 14
From “Today Is Now”
Sensei Urban’s writings

Keep in mind that some of Sensei Urban’s reality and facts may not hold true in todays Martial Arts Training but did hold
true for his era and mine as well to a great extent.
In one of the dojo oaths, it said,
“We will follow Our God and Buddha and never forget the True Virtue of Humility”

2018 February 22
2001 June 1 Newsletter

Some of the news letters are personal to the membership and I don’t believe that those particular writings should be entered!

This type of letter is more focused on some of Sensei Urban’s thought and educational insight!

2018, Jan 2
1979 Jan 4 Newsletter

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