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Deny& Misty BowePanorama2

Honbu Members Sensei Deny Bowe USA GOJU Hall # 304 of PRATT,  KS and

Daughter Sensei Misty Bowe Harrison USA GOJU Hall #305 of Springdale Arkansas

Picture 1248

Honbu Member Sensei Gary Gascoyne USA GOJU HALL #309 of Plymouth, MASS

             Marco_1 IMG_4576 Italy Nov_11 532

The above picture is of Sensei Marco Buschini (The Bear) who is a representative and
Honbu Member USA GOJU_American Heritage Goju Karate – Do_HALL #001 IT_Noale, Italy

Marco Buschini brought Sensei Dayton Guinee to Italy in 2007 in hopes of uniting all of the dojos wearing the USA GOJU Logo and those who called themselves USA GOJU Schools. We were not completely successful in that endeavor but did find a USA GOJU school Other than Sensei Buschini’s Dojo That did teach “The Urban-USA GOJU System”. That was Sensei Gamba’s Tora Dojo. The other schools were simply not USA GOJU schools but did and do represent themselves as such. Sensei Guinee did take a few of the black belts and their families back to Italy to train in the Tora Dojo in 2011. Sensei Guinee and his wife Sensei Lonnie Guinee have been traveling to Italy once or twice per year since 2007 to conduct seminars with Marco Buschini who in addition to his association with Sensei Guinee in USA GOJU is also the founder of SIKM, his Krav Maga Federation. He is the     Co- Founder of IDSS ( Integrated Defensive Safety Systems) with Dayton Guinee In Italy and the USA.


Italy Nov_11 377 Italy Nov_11 736

Honbu Member Maestro Gamba  USA GOJU HALL #06 IT,  Padova,ITALY

   Paul Sabot  1476710_582639358456953_1729995382_n
Sensei Paul Sabot who constantly empowers!!!

Sifu William Lapham  DSCN3001
Chung SI and Friends. He is one of my brother warriors!

Tommy May _wmTM Rich Tommy May Me Kev0051
Hanshi Tommy May at one of his Many Events!

Dr S Smith who cares for the Veterans At The Bronx VA.
He leads the Hospitals Oral Surgery Unit!
He is a Black Belt under Hanshi May.
Dr Smith gives the much needed care to the veterans
to improve their quality of life and overall health.
We thank him very much for his kindness and Care!!!

Hanshi Tommy May just released from the hospital and doing well.
He is pictured here with students and friends after a demo for the hospital staff.

IMG_7191IMG_9949 IMG_7604  IMG_4735 IMG_2844 IMG_2548

Pro Ed Brown01    Prof. Brown

Prof. Ed Brown who has passed on.
He was a master breaker and a brother Marine

Brown0042Mrs. Brown
Prof. Brown. His Wife at the Hall Of Fame Event.

 Picture 1248      diaz-a2
       Hanshi Gascoyne USA GOJU Of Plymouth Mass.                        Hanshi Walter Parks who passed on.  

                Italy Nov_11 733                 Italy 2013
Tora Dojo Padua Italy                                                                                                                              SIKM



                      Tommaso Di Donato’s JU Jitsu Bologna


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