Description of “LITTLE LIONS” class


WELCOME to our program called “Little Lions”! This class meets twice a week for boys and girls ages 6 and 7 years of age. Our program is designed to train the students to further develop their basic motor skills, and to increase their balance, and hand eye coordination. Our classes are a perfect blend of focus, fitness, and fun while they are learning fundamental martial arts skills and acquiring other constructive knowledge. Our instructors use drills that are exciting and motivating, encouraging all to do their best through positive reinforcement. Non-aggressive self-defense skills are taught at a speed and level that is appropriate for this age group. Male and Female instructors focus on Individual Growth for Individual Achievement! Official uniform and school patch are required and can be purchased through the instructor. All instruction, requirements, standards and rank promotions are governed by the American Heritage Goju Karate-Do organization. Monday & Wednesdays, Mount Pleasant Community Center


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