This is an FAQ’s area I created for questions while we are finishing up the last few items of the site. It is only visible and available for instructors that are logged into the site. Currently, there are only two accounts tagged as an instructor, so no one will see this but us.

My goal for this new site is to create a positive user experience, load as fast as possible, contain good navigation, while work as best as possible for you on the back end. I took what I learned from the building the old site, and improve upon it. With the old site, there were items that were broken over time, fonts sizes, type, and placement broke over time and made the site not look maintained. As this is the image of your business, my goal is to keep things as professional looking as possible. With the WordPress layout, we make the change in one place on the back end, and it effects the entire site. Where with the template pages with Dreamweaver, page formats were overwritten, CSS styles were somehow created for individual pages and caused unplanned changes.


Q.  Site Resolution:
A. The site was built for monitors with the resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 or greater. However, I’m thinking we might want to make it more towards 1,024 x 768 or larger. What will happen with monitors below a certain resolution, it will create scrolling and users will need to scroll to the right to read the rest of the page.

Q. I


Q. How does this site work for members?

Q. Will they have their old username and password from the old Dojo website?
A. Absolutely. And if they forgot their password, they can have the password sent to their email address that was on file.


Q. How does the store work?

Q. Can someone make a purchase from the store, but not be a member of the Dojo?
A. Yes, the shopper chooses the items they want from the store. Then when they check out, they can put in their information and check out.

Q. Will non-members see the Members Area navigation bar at the top of the page?
A. No, that is only visible to members, instructors or site administrators.




Below, I have enabled comments for this page. This way, if you have questions while reading this, we can track those questions and answer them accordingly.


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