My career in the Martial Arts began in 1982 when I was accepted as a student by Sensei Guinee at the American Heritage Dojo in Hawthorne NY.
At that time the Dojo was located in the American Legion Building on 112 Broad Street only a few houses away from Sensei’s house. It is a high honor for me to be considered as being of the first generation USA Goju. I earned my 1st Dan at the Broad street Dojo in January 1986 and will always consider that one of the major accomplishments of my life.

Different phases of my life have not always allowed me to be continuously active in the martial arts but I have always been able to find my way back. I was promoted to 2nd Dan in April of 2000 and recently 3rd Dan in June 2010. Every class I have ever attended throughout my career has been a challenge and it is that challenge that keeps me coming back. It is my mission to live up to the statement made on every diploma I have received ” It is expected that this person will continue to develop and succeed throughout life in the way of karate.”


Don Perillo

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