kevin_boxerI began my search for the true meaning of “The Way” in 1964. I started my training at the White Plains School of Self Defense. My first Instructor was Sensei Robert Rios. The system of Karate was Mas Oyama’s Kyokushin Kai. I attained my Shodan rank in 1966.

I continued my training in White Plains, and for a time, at a Dojo in Mt. Vernon as Instructor. For a brief period I practiced my Karate training in my day-by-day life. Resumed my training in N. White Plains, also was Kyokushin. Still searching.

In 1977 began training in Mamaroneck Dojo in USA GOJU with Sensei Guinee and Sensei Chillemi. When Sensei Guinee decided to form his own Dojo I made the positive decision to follow. Our first days, the Dojo was in the basement of Sensei’s house in Hawthorne. The rest is History. My search still continues…the big difference is that I now have a Teacher and an Instructor. OSS, SENSEI

I will not take up any more time with war stories…

However here are some of my stats:

1st. Dan – Kyokushin Kai – Jan. 1966
1st. Dan – USA Goju Karate – Aug. 1980
2nd. Dan – Nov. 1982
3rd. Dan – Aug. 1984
Commissioned American College of Dans March 1985
4th. Dan – Dec. 1987
Instructor Certification 1995
5th. Dan – Feb. 2000
6th. Dan – Oct. 2005

I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please contact me thru the official web site

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