I began my training in “the way” under Sensei Guinee in the Spring of ’98. I came to train mainly to silence my brother, Joseph, who would not stop going on about his karate school. I had a great workout that first night and thought I’d stay around for a session or two. Those sessions have quickly turned into ten years of training under Sensei.

Over the years the dojo has had a few locations. I often reflected on the Thornwood location as my favorite. As I began approaching my black belt test, I came to realize that that a good dojo has little to do with its location or the décor that may adorn its walls. From the moment I began training until the present I have had the privilege of training under and with the highest quality of people. I credit Sensei with fostering this type of environment. Thank you for that.

Training has been and continues to be an unbelievable experience. To each and everyone involved with my training I thank you for the abundance of support I have been given over the years. I enthusiastically look forward to continue my training, and passing my knowledge and support down to others.


Todd Sayers
1st Dan, June 2008

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