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© Dayton Guinee 1983

© Dayton Guinee 1983

Sensei Dayton Guinee

Dayton Guinee is the Chief Instructor of American Heritage Goju Karate-Do. This name was created and given to Guinee by Sensei Urban himself. He encouraged and entrusted this position to Sensei Guinee as a leader in the USA Goju System (USAGA). On a diploma from Sensei Urban, it read,”My Personal recognition of him as founder of his own dojo, style and organization; herewith to be known as:”American Heritage Goju”. From Sensei Urban of The United Sons of Goju International. The “Do” (Way) was not added on Sensei Guinee’s style name until the passing of Sensei Urban because until his passing Sensei Urban was the Grand Master of American Heritage Goju.

From 1973 -1975 Guinee trained with Sensei Duke Kasten who at the time was a 5th degree black belt under Sensei Urban.  Sensei Kasten traveled out of the country often and ultimately moved to Israel. He introduced Guinee to Sensei Urban as a white belt where they would go to train on occasion at Sensei Urban’s dojo.  Guinee also trained in the Kyokushin organization at the same time under Shihan Shigeru Oyama and Sensei Lamatina. Guinee was a brown belt in both systems. Before Sensei Kasten’s final move to Israel he took Guinee to Sensei Urban as a brown belt where Guinee would stay for the remainder of his martial arts education. In the following years Guinee was taught, mentored and became a close friend and confidant until the passing of Sensei Urban on April 7, 2004.

Guinee earned an Honorable Discharge in 1969 from the USMC – 0311, after serving his country in the Viet Nam conflict. He received a Full Obligation Discharge in 1974.

In 1977 Guinee opened up his 1st Dojo in the town of Mamaroneck, New York. The dojo was named “URBAN HALL”. There he began the teachings of USA Goju. Guinee continued his teachings under the watchful eye of Sensei Urban. In 1978, Guinee was to become a Franchised Member whose certification would end in the year” Never”!

In 1980, Guinee relocated his dojo to the town of Hawthorne, New York where he continued to teach students of all ages. “USA GOJU OF WESTCHESTER”. That same year Guinee was given the certification of 4th Degree Black Belt Suma Cum Laude from Sensei Urban. 1982 brought Guinee the position awarded by Sensei Urban as being Sensei Urban’s Personal Ambassador of American Goju Systems, Secretary of Financial Affairs and Minister of Financial Affairs. The title AMEREICAN HERITAGE GOJU was presented.

He successfully competed from 1973 through 1988 proudly representing the USA Goju System, having been awarded for Superior Excellence in Public Performance for a Demo team at a NYC tournament in addition to a Brooklyn Tournament Demo Team.

In 1995, Guinee relocated and opened a dojo in the town of Thornwood, NY. This dojo would go on to win the first E-Flag of excellence given by Sensei Urban. Today, Sensei Guinee and his instructors hold classes in the Mount Pleasant Recreation Community Center, continuing to instill the philosophy, methodology and Moral and Martial values he learned from his instructor, Sensei Peter Urban.

Throughout the years The American Heritage GOJU Organization has worked to inform the students, parents and general public of the importance and values of a good education, strong moral and family values and the importance of staying physically,  mentally and spiritually fit in order to reach ones full potential.

 The last “American Heritage Goju Karate Challenge”competition was held until 2001.
Our organization has held successful events for children (“Dayton Guinee’s Youth of America Martial Arts Championships”) as well as fund raisers for “Cystic Fibrosis” and “St, Jude’s Children’s Hospital”, “Westchester Food Bank” and“The Wounded Warrior Project”.
The importance of being community minded and helping others is an integral part of our Art and Humanity.

Sensei Guinee accredits his many successes to the dedicated Black Belts and students of the dojo. They have always worked extremely hard to assist all who come to train to reach their goals in and out of the confines of the training hall.


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