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“The Urban Chronicles” (c)
The Urban Chronicles are an organized system of information disseminated in its truest form. It’s going to be very positive and I hope inspiring as well as encouraging to those who follow along. It would be nice to see individuals contribute if the desire is there. All information will be looked at and if accurate and enhances the Chronicles, will be added. There will be membership lists from the 60’s to the 2000’s so you can actually see who was where and when and who stayed and who moved on.
There will also be artifacts, art work and writings by Sensei Urban. I look at all of the information as educational so viewing it as positive or negative is not the goal though some will not like what they read while others will. You will be able to see how USA GOJU evolved for Sensei, not necessarily those who once followed him.
Some information will be in chronological order and some will not. I will keep the reasoning for doing so as understandable as possible.
WE ask everyone to restrain from stealing from our site as we have already had writings and photos taken without permission from the owner of the work.
As Martial Arts & Science practitioners I think its important to follow our principles as best we can!

“Think Positive And Stay Aggressive!”
“Think Peaceful Resolutions to Conflict!”


Coming Soon!

1998 November, 1 Newsletter
Why did Sensei use OSS! instead of OSU!
What did it mean to him and us?

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