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(c) Dayton Guinee 198

Individual Growth for Individual Achievement
 “Think” Peaceful Resolutions to conflict!

(c) Dayton Guinee 1997

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This certificate above should be displayed on all USA GOJU Hombu sites of “Legitimacy”!!!
All Dan levels from 1st to last Dan should be displayed for all to see as to not create any misunderstanding for those who want to understand the truth about ones existence in the USA GOJU Association for its Historical value!

Welcome to the Hombu web site of AMERICAN HERITAGE GOJU KARATE – DO, USA GOJU Association. It is my pleasure as well as it is all of our members to invite you to experience our contribution, dedication and hard work throughout the years. It has always been our quest to represent ourselves in the highest and most respectful manner. Our mission is to flourish and share with others the many benefits and rewards of our martial arts training. What I will share is my and only my perspective as there are many. Still I would like you to experience what is now the wonderful reputation and legacy that my friend, teacher and mentor has left to all of us. That is the spirit to continue to seek clarity, perfection and quality of character in all of our lives. It is important that we continue to propagate the true values of the way and to instill all that is good into the hearts, minds and spirits of our future generations. The principals of respect, love, goodness, compassion, restraint, humility and humanity are what make the world a better place for all. It is also our inner fighting spirit combined with our physical technical ability, desire and courage that allows us to overcome and conquer the many obstacles and set backs that life brings in order to succeed. This,” In the Way of Martial Arts.” Our foundation, philosophy and methodology are based on these principals as well as strength and gentleness (Hard & Soft).Please come and enjoy our web site with us. Stay well and I encourage you to stay aggressive in fulfilling your life’s dreams.



Dayton Guinee
“ Semper-Fi “


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